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Phone & Tablet Holders & Other Things

This website contains many photos.  I tried to organize them, but probably didn't do a great job.
Please feel free to write if you have any questions.

I have been doing woodworking projects for many years.  All the items on these pages
start out like this . . . big pieces of wood.


I use a variety of wood including Pine, Douglas Fir, Redwood, Cedar, Mahogany, Cherry,
Basswood, Poplar, Walnut, Tigerwood, and various Burl wood.  Most of the specialty wood
I use is 4" thick, which is referred to as "16 quarter" in the lumber business.

I started making small boxes and various holders a few years ago.  Things like this . . .


The brown holder above is made from a baseball bat blank; the other is made from an old fence post.
All the holes in the items are drilled with Forstner bits.

Then I made a few clocks with a variety of different wood . . .


I needed a pen & pencil holder for my desk, and that started a new thing . . .



And more pen & pencil holders . . .


And more . . .


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