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More pen & pencil holders . . .



The items in the two photos below are made from Tigerwood.  That is
the natural color of the wood.  The items are not stained, only varnished.


And just a few more . . .


I then started making cell phone holders after I saw plastic ones on the Internet.
I made a few and showed them to my family and several friends.  In addition to the
ideas I had, I received many excellent suggestions to improve the item.  The holders
continue to evolve as people use them.

The blue "phone" in the photos below is a replica of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
I made it from wood so that I can test the holders when I make them.  Each holder
has four 1/4" felt pads on the bottom that allows the power cord to exit any side.


My twin brother Rick had problems with the charging cord sliding off the table when
his phone was unplugged, so he added a hook to the back of his holder.  He also
made a second alternative with an eye-hook that he opened up with pliers.
The charging cord is always available.  The third photo shows his
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on the holder.  Brilliant.


I stole my brother's idea and found plastic stick-on hooks at the store.

 One of my young nephews said the phone holders are also good for tablets.
Also brilliant.  Here is one with my Samsung Tab 2 (10").


And more . . . some for business cards and flashlights.


And more . . .

Just a few more . . .

A double holder with a clock one one side and thermometer on the other.

An ugly holder with serious a serious knot problem.

My granddaughter Taylor in a photo insert.

Taylor (10 years old) has her own cell phone (naturally) and decided to make her phone
holder a bit more personal.  She not only painted the holder, but also all the beans.

And here are two more phone/tablet holders Taylor just finished.
Great job for a 10 year-old.

Here are a few other things I have made:

Boxes of various sizes:

Toy (storage) boxes:

Tool (craft) boxes:

Pendulum clock.  Autographed Lou Ferrigno poster below it.

Harley-Davidson logo clock.  Carved with Dremel MotoTool using
dentist's drill bits because of the small feathers.

House quarterboard (name of house) because we can
see Pike's Peak from our front porch.

Time zone clock.

Darnell's office - waiting room sign (48" long).

Darnell's office patient chart holder

A few more clocks with clock faces, watch faces, and watch hands embedded in plastic.

Large signs I carved for my sons and our kitchen (30+ years ago).

Pen & Pencil Holders I made with 1967 Pennies

More Stuff?  Come on, already!
If you're interested, I made another webpage about a year ago that
shows many of the clocks I have made - Click Here

FINALLY....Here is part of the load I have stored just outside my office.  There
are another 30 or so around the house in different locations and a few dozen
in progress in my workshop.

Contact:  Roger Wimmer

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