Mass Media Research: An Introduction - 9th Edition
Roger D. Wimmer & Joseph R. Dominick

Chapter 15 - Research in Advertising

  1. One way to test advertising recall is called the "top of the mind" recall method.  A researcher asks a respondent, "Have you seen any ads for automobiles (or some other product) in the past week?" If the answer is "yes," the researcher asks the respondent to describe the ads and the products. Although this is a simple technique, some advertising professionals think it is the best way to measure recall.  Why?

  2. Calculate the CPM for Magazine A and Magazine B in the table below:


    Mag A

    Mag B

    Ad Cost






    Avg. # of people who read each issue







  3. Read the section on "Copy Research and Validity" in Chapter 15.  Is it possible to prove that advertising actually helps sell a product?

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