Mass Media Research: An Introduction - 9th Edition
Roger D. Wimmer & Joseph R. Dominick

Chapter 1 - Science and Research

  1. One advantage of scientific research is that it is self-correcting.  An example of this in the text is the brief discussion of the cause and treatment of stomach ulcers.  What ideas, concepts, beliefs, or theories have changed in the mass media in the past 50 years because of scientific research?

  2. Consult a few recent issues of the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, or Public Opinion Quarterly. What topics of investigation seem to be in fashion today? Are there any trends? What types of analysis are used in these articles?

  3. Find an article in a recent mass media journal and analyze it according to the sources of Internal Validity discussed in Chapter 1.  Did you find any potential problems with the study?

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