Mass Media Research: An Introduction - 9th Edition
Roger D. Wimmer & Joseph R. Dominick

Chapter 3 - Research Ethics

  1. The general ethical theories discussed in this chapter (categorical imperative, utilitarianism, relativism) are the most well-known ethical theories, but there are several others that researchers might examine. Consult an ethics textbook, (e.g., J. D. Mabbott, An Introduction to Ethics) and write a brief description of situational ethics, egoism, the golden mean and the veil of ignorance.

  2. Assume that you are a researcher hired by a radio station.  The general manager talks to you and says, "The morning show ratings are killing us, and it's all because of the morning show team.  I would like you to prove that the morning show team needs to be replaced."  What do you say to the general manager?

  3. A company hires you to conduct a research project with 400 respondents.  The VP of the company calls you and says, "I don't want you to say anything to anyone else, but to save some money and make me look good to my boss, I'd like you to use only 300 respondents and weight the results to a sample of 400."  What do you say to the company VP?  (This is based on a real situation faced by the senior author of your text.)

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