Mass Media Research: An Introduction - 10th Edition
Roger D. Wimmer & Joseph R. Dominick

Information Links

Listed below are websites to use for research topic ideas and general information.


Advertising Organizations & Associations

Advertising Research Foundation

Advertising Websites - University of Iowa


Associations - Broadcast Education Association

Associations - Broadcast Organizations & Agencies

Associations - National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)

Associations - Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB)

Associations - Radio & Television News Directors Association

Associations - State Broadcast Associations


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Conversions (weight, distance, etc.)


Federal Communications Commission

Focus Group Facilities I

Frety (A site with many links to other sites)


Grammar and Writing


Internet Research - ComScore

Internet Research - Conducting

Internet Research - CyberAtlas

Internet Research - Forrester Research

Internet Research - MarketTools

Internet Research - Clickz

Internet Research - Starting Points

Internet Research - Tools

Internet Research - Virtual Surveys


Internet Usage


Journalism Online

Journalism - Journalists' Tools

Journalism - Journalist's Guide to the Internet


Journalist Express (A Great Reference Site!)


Journals - Electronic


Media Associations I

Media Careers I

Media - United States


Miscellaneous - Area Code Finder

Miscellaneous - Days between Dates

Miscellaneous - Do-It-Yourself Network

Miscellaneous - How Far Is It (Distance between zip codes)

Miscellaneous - How Stuff Works

Miscellaneous - Internet Movie Database

Miscellaneous - - Current news & articles


Movie Goofs

Movie Studios & Information


News BBC  (Suggested by Lurie Austin)

Newspapers - American Society of Newspaper Editors

Newspapers - Editor & Publisher

Newspapers Online

Newspapers - Readership Institute


Public Relations Society of America

Public Relations Websites


Radio - All

Radio - All Music Guide

Radio - Database Information

Radio - Radio Station Locator

Radio - Talk Programming

Radio - Urban Radio


Reference - Dictionary/Merriam Webster

Reference - Dictionary and More

Reference - Encyclopedia

Reference - ERIC/REC - Web Resources

Reference - Exploratorium

Reference - The Reference Desk

Reference - Thesaurus


Research - Ethics Websites

Research - Quick Reference

Research - iTools

Research - Statistics Calculators

Research Websites I - Qualitative Research

Research Websites II - National Student Research Center


Scam/Fraud/Hoax - Urban Legends


Science - Astronomy and Space

Science - Mayo Clinic

Science - Science Magazine

Science - Universe Today


TV Links - Links for TV & Film Information

TV - Public Television Stations

TV - Stations/Yahoo!


U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. Information

U.S. Official Time

U.S. Postal Rates


Cengage/Wadsworth Publishing Company


Websites - Best 100

Websites - Indispensable Sites

Websites - Interesting Websites

Websites - Internet Domain Names



A.C. Nielsen


Edison Research

Frank Magid Associates

Wimmer Research

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