Mass Media Research: An Introduction - 9th Edition
Roger D. Wimmer & Joseph R. Dominick

Statistics Sources

Mass Media Research: An Introduction - 9th Edition cannot include detailed information about all research topics.  We must limit our discussions in some areas.  If we didn't, the book would be about 1,500 pages long.  One area we have limited is our discussion of statistics.  Our goal has always been to provide an introduction to statistics, not to write a statistics book.  However, we know that some readers would like additional information about statistics, so we have listed several Internet sites for this information.

If you don't find what you're looking for here, search the Internet for specific topics, such as "confidence intervals," "analysis of variance," "z-scores," "Pearson product moment correlation," or "multiple regression."

Suggestions for Statistics information

DMOZ Open Directory Sources

Glossary of Statistical Terms

Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources

University of Texas Internet Statistics Resources

Key Terminology for Statistics


Policy Expert - Suggested by Lauren, one of Ms Kelly Harris' students in Virginia (USA).

Starting Your Own Business - Suggested by Sharon Donato's students in California (USA).


Miscellaneous Sites for Statistics and Statistical Data

Effects Size Calculator

The Scientific Method

Statistical Method for Rater Agreement

Web Resources for Journalists


Online Statistics Courses and Information

Statistics Calculators by Daniel Soper, Ph.D.

Animated Statistics Demonstrations

Calculators on Line

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