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AAA Format

AC Definition

AC Radio - What Women Want


Adding Commercials (Increasing Commercial Load)

Address Coordinates

Address Bar Icon

Adhesive Remover

Adult Standards

Advertising a Radio Station

Advertising: Buying Effective Ad Frequency

Advertising Buys - Evaluating Radio Stations

Advertising Buys - Evaluating Radio Stations (GRPs)

Advertising/Promo/Spot Frequency

Advertising Agency Percent and Rates

Advertising Campaign - Male Demos

Advertising - Cool Whip

Advertising - Cool Whip Follow-Up

Advertising Definition

Advertising Morning Show

Ad Recall

Advertising Repetition

Advertising Synergy

Adds - Dates

Adds - 2

Adds - 3

Advertising - Promote Thyself


AIG Bailout Suggestion

Air Check

Air Check - 2

Air Check - 3
Air Filter

Airline Seatbacks and Tray Tables

Airplane Air - Bad Air

Airplane Air - Bad Air - Reply

Airplane Air - Bad Air - Reply - Again

Airport Codes

Airport Delays

Airport Monitor - Planes in the Air

Album Cuts

Album Sales

All Access Job Listings

All is Vanity

Alone: A Microwave Question
Alpha and Beta Tests


Alot or A lot? - Word Question

Alternative Format Crossovers

Alternative Music - 80s

Alternative Rock Name

Alternative Rock Videos

Aluminum Foil

AM and FM

AM & FM Classes (Radio Information)

AM Format

AM Music

AM Radio Stations - Promoting

AM Radio - Why Can I Hear Them?

(Ambigram) Word Thing

American Idol Voting


Americana Music

Amount of Music

Angels (stand on head of pin)

Announcing Songs

Announcing Songs - 2

Antenna Booster - Cell Phone

AOL Keyword

Apartment Entry

Apostrophe and Lil’ Kim

Apostrophe and Music Descriptions


Apples and Complexion

Appointment Setting

AQH Rating vs. Cume Rating

Archive Articles - Finding Them

Archive Printing

Area Code

"Argue with Idiots" - Grammar Question

Artist Information
Artist Separation and Selector

Artists’ Names

Artists and Titles

Artists and Titles - Test

Assistant PD/Music Director

Ask for Money Too Often? - Listener Supported Radio

Ask Jeeves


Ask What They Want - Give It - Tell Them You Gave It

Asking Listeners

Aspirin Overdose


ATM Card

AT&T Navigator

AT&T Text Messages

AT&T Tilt — Cell Phone Question

Atomic Clock

Atomic Clock-2

Atomic Clock - Computer

Attacking the Competition


Audience Goals

Audience Goals - Comment

Audience Goals - Another Comment

Automation Software

Automation Software - Comment

Audience Turnover

Audio Levels - TV

Audio Levels - TV - Comment

Audio Quality

Audio and No Service Morning Shows

Augusta Article Fake Name

Average Scores - Research Interpretation

Avian Flu

Aviation/Weather Term

Awareness - Top of Mind



Advertising and Ratings

AQH Per Person Rating


Arbitrends - 2

Arbitrends and Sound

Condensed Market

County Numbers


Cume Calculation

Demographic Info by Format

Dial Position and Ratings

Diary Credit


Diary Placement

Diary Placement - Another Question

Diary Placement - Another Question - Comment

Diary Returns

Diary Review

Embargoed Radio Markets



"Family Reunion"

Getting Things Right for the Book

Getting Things Right for the Book - Comment


Independent Radio Station

In-tab Diaries

Market Population

Market Size


Music Rotation

No-Call List

Non-Commercial Stations

Old Arbitron Books

PPM (Portable People Meter) - Answers?

PPM - Brouhaha

PPM Controversy

PPM and Cell Phone Numbers

PPM and Cume

PPM Explanation of Procedures

PPM - Response Rate and Ascription

PPM - Response Rates

PPM - Sampling

PPM - Sampling - Part 2


PPM (Portable People Meter) Validity

P1s, P2s, P3s

P1 History: To P or Not to P—That is the Question

P1 Percentages

Predicting Arbitron Numbers

Programming Strategy from Ratings Data

PUR (Persons Using Radio) and Thursday Start Day

PUR - Response


Radio Station Definition


Ratings Again

Ratings Question

Ratings and Shares

Ratings and Shares - 2

Reading an Arbitron Book

Reading an Arbitron Book - 2

Response Rate - A “Real” Picture

Rounded Frequencies



Sampling Error

Sample Size

Sample Size (Minimum)

Sample Size (Minimum) - Thanks

Sample - Who Won't Arbitron Use?

Sampling Error

Seattle Embargo

St. Louis Embargo

Start of Book

Statistical Odds


Sue Arbitron?


U.S. Census

U.S. Census - Part 2

Weighting Comment

Why Diaries?

Z-scores and Arbitron



Baby Video - Is this Real?

“Back in 3 Minutes”

“Back in 3 Minutes” – Comment

Backsell or Presell Songs?

Backselling Songs

Back to the Future?

Back to the Future? - Comment

Bad Driving

Bad Language

Bad Morning Show Ratings

Balance Sheet


Band Saw Part

Bar Over (Line Over) a Letter - How Do I Type? (aka: Over Bar and Over Line)

Barrel of Oil

Baseball Diamond

Baseball and Humidity

Baseball Stats

Bathtub Phenomenon




BDS and Mediabase

Beautiful People

Bellhop Brain Teaser

Best and Worst Formats

Best and Worst Radio Stations

Best DJ

Best Guitarist

Best Liner

Best Quarter-Hour

Best Research Option

Best Research Wins

Best Slogan

Big Dipper

Big Picture
Bike Photos



Billboards - 2

Billiard Balls - Strange Question

Bike Trip


Bird Head-Bobbing

Bite - As in Human

Black Shoes

Bliss Video

Block Programming


Boat Rowing

Book - New Edition

"Boom Shaka Laka?" Sly & The Family Stone

Bourget Motorcycle Question

Bourget (Personal Question)


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