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Damp Sponges

Darkness Quotient

Bobby Darin


Data Analysis

Data Transformation


Dayparting - CHR

Dayparting Research

Days of the Week - Why 7?

Dead People - Tiny Tim


Dead Segues

Dead Segues - Response

Dead Segues Again

Dead Segues - Son of Dead Segues

Dead Segues - Beating a Dead Segue

Death of the on-air Personality

Deer in Headlights


"Deer" Doc (Deer Whistles)

Degrees of Freedom - A New Definition

Degrees Keyboard Key - How did you do that?

(Delusional Parasitosis) Bugs or Something

Deodorant - Aluminum and Cancer

Deodorant - Aluminum and Cancer – Follow-Up

Deregulation Affects

Design a Radio Station (Project)

Developing as a PD

Deviation Scores


Dial Position and Arbitron

Dial Position and Arbitron - Response

Dial vs. Paper


Didn't Answer General Manager Question

Didn't Answer Question (Another Time)

Diesel Engine Noise

Digging a Hole to China

Digital Copyright Act


Dihydrogen Monoxide Petition



Direct Marketing

Dirty Harry - Clint Eastwood Quote

Dirty Harry Quote Again

Dirty Tactics

Direct Mail Lists

Disasters and New Music

Discussion Topics (Tidbits)

Distance between Coordinates

DJ Basics

DJ Basics - Talk Radio?

DJ Evaluation of Performance

DJ in Chicago (Warning: This is not a "G" rated answer.)

DJ Performance Evaluation

DJ Research Methodology

DJ Research Methodology - Quantitative Analysis

DJ Voices

DJ - What’s in a Name?


Doll with Islamic and Satanic Messages

Domain Name 

Domain Name Prices

Do Not Call List - Telemarketers and Cell Phones

Do Not Puncture the Plastic Film (Microwave Oven)

(Doodlebug) Little Scooter

Double-Barreled Question

Double-Barreled Question - 2

Double-blind Experiment

Drive-In Theaters

Drive-In Theater Sound

Driving Question - Stoplight Behavior

Driving Question - Turning



Drug Help

DSS Agent

Due Regard


Dumb/Stupid Questions




Earth Rotation

Eastlan Surveys

Eastlan Surveys - 2

EEO/FCC Compliance

eHarmony Method – How does it work?

800 Telephone Numbers

Election Policies
Electricity Leaking

Email - Admissible?

Email Money 

Email - Microsoft

Email Question

Email Sent

Email Size

Email Sources

Email Virus

Email Viruses

Email Viruses - Finding New Ones

Email Virus Hoax


Embargoed Radio Markets

English - Amazing Stuff

Envelope Marks

ER Song

Error (Sampling) Calculator

Error in Research

Error - Deviation

Error - Maximum

Error: Type I and II

European Radio

Excel Formula Question

Exclusive Songs

Execution - Capital Punishment


Experiences Shared by Humans

Experience vs. Education

Experimental Research

Explorer Help


Eye Bags



Facebook Article Grammar?

Facebook Article Grammar Again

Factor Analysis

Factor Analysis Revisited

Familiar Music

Fantastic Machine

FCC Chairman

FedEx Logo

The FedEx Logo - Continued

FedEx Follow-Up

FedEx - It Keeps on Going . . .

Female Listeners/Female Announcers

Female Pipes

Fido Puzzle - Think of a Number


Figuring Percentages

File Sharing

File Sharing Comment

File Swapping

Filtering Research

Finding a Radio Station


First Broadcaster

First CD

First CD Revisited

First Golf Course

First Internet Service Provider (ISP)

First Personal Computer

First Radio Stations

First Stock Certificate

Fist Bump

5-Gallon Jug Problem


Flash Mind Reader

Fleeting Expletives

Fly in Car

Fly in Car – Part 2

Flying Times

FM Frequencies (Odd & Even)

FM News

FM Talk

Focus Groups

Focus Groups - Approach

Focus Groups - Control

Focus Groups - Kicking Someone Out

Focus Groups - Mix of Respondents

Focus Groups - Professionally Moderated

Focus Group Respondents

Focus Groups - Someone Behind the Mirror

Focus or Phone


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