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Food Down Wrong Tube

Format Change

Format Clock-CHR

Format Clock

Format Help

Format Hole Study

Format Holes

Format Letter Designations

Format Loyalty

Format Study (Search) Questions

Format Testing

Formats - Static or Evolving?

Forte or Forte?

Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies - Comment

Forward Momentum

Founders of Fast Food Companies



Freebird Update

Freebird – One More Time

Freebird – A Final Note

Frequency (Radio Station) - Dropping the Point

Frequencies - How to Handle Several

Frequencies - How to Handle Several (Response)

Frequently Asked Questions

Friends Say Station is Great


Future of Local Radio

Future of Local Radio - Comment



Game Show Prizes

Gas, Cats, and Mic Processing

Gas Pump Credit Card

Gas Pump Credit Card - Using

Gas Mileage and Stick Shift

Gas Pill

Gasoline Prices

Gateway Logo Changes

Gaussian Distribution

"Geezer Glide"

Geraldo (Rivera)

Getting Ahead of the PD

Getting Music

Getting Music - Comment


Global Positioning Satellite (GPS)

Globe Size?

Glossary for Radio

GM Responsibilities



God Willing . . . Heavy Stuff

Golden Mean

Golf Balls and Water

Golf Question - Number of Holes

Golf Question - Tiger Woods

Golf Terms

Good Pipes vs. None

Google Image Search

Google Meaning

Grains of Sand and Stars

Grammar and Nicknames

Grammar: "I seen"

Grandparents - Average Age

Grandparents' Scam

(Graupel) Weather Question

Group Branding IDs

Guaranteed Music/Elements or What?



Hair Loss

Ham Radio - 73

Harley-Davidson Model Letters

Hands Free Cell Phone Laws

Hands Free Cell Phone Laws - 2

(Isaac) Hayes

(Isaac) Hayes Again


HeadOn Headache Reliever

Heisenberg’s Indeterminacy

Hendrix Couch



High Definition TV - Watching Standard Def on High-Def

High Definition TV - Watching Standard Def on High-Def - Comment

High School Format Change

High-Speed Internet

Hip-Hop Song List

Hiring Air Talent

Hire My Brother?



Hit Songs

Holiday Lights

Hollow Point Bullets

Holiday Lights 2/Al Hirt

Home Run Bat Speed

Home Size

Horizontal and Vertical Promoting

Horror Movies

Horses and Beer

Horses Singing

Hot AC

Hot AC and Females


Hotel Cleanliness

Hotmail Problem

How Many Listeners

How Many Radio Stations in U.S.?

How Many Respondents

How Much do Listeners Hear?

How to Ask Questions

(HTML & CSS) What in the World is C"b_,b_"

HughesNet Woman's Name

Human Diamond

Human Diamond - Comment

(Hurdy Gurdy) - Sting’s Instrument

Hypothesis vs. Research Question



Ice Cream, Salt, and Cold

Iced Tea

Ideal Listener

I Gots ta Know


Imaging - 2

Imaging and Format Holes

Imaging - One More Time

Imaging - Production

Important Thoughts

Improper Words on the Air


Increase Bust Size


Independent Record Labels

Index - How to Determine an Index Against a Zero Population

Industry (radio) Perceptions

"ING" in Broadcasting

Insider Trading - Stock Market Information

Insignificant Things

Insignificant Things - Comment (The Fussy PD)

Intel Email Virus

Interactive Telephone Systems

International Space Station

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Problem

Internet Fraud

Internet History

Internet Home Page

Internet Language

Internet Radio Station Advertising

Internet Research


Internet Research - Music

Internet Speed

Internet Users

Interview for PD Position

Interviewing Materials

Interview Question


IQ Question

IQ Scores

IRS Email Scam?

Is Research Ever Wrong?

Isaac Hayes - Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic

It Seems Like

"I Want to Take You Higher"



Jack FM

Jack FM History

Jack Format

Jack, Jack, and More Jack

Jack, Bob, Doug, Simon, and Friends

Jack-FM Slogan

"Jake Brakes" - Engine Brakes -Truck Noise

Jammin' Oldies vs. R&B Oldies

Janet Jackson (Boobies?)

Janet Jackson Once More


Jingles 1

Jingles 1 - Response

Jingles 1 - Response 2

Jingle Effectiveness - 1

Jingle Effectiveness - 2

Job Idea

Jock Basics

Jock Complaints

Jock Gender

Just Starting


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