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KBLA-AM - Station Facilities

KBLA-AM - Station Facilities - Comment

Knuckle Cracking

Satellite Photo of Kokopelli on Roof?



Langostino Lobster

Language Problems/Questions

Lake Michigan

La Mancha

Landover Church Site – Parody?

"Last Kiss"

Last Name Contest

Law & Order Intro


Learned from the Column?

Least Objectionable Programming

Leg Cramps

Legal Station ID

Legal Station ID - 2

Legal Station IDs in an HD World

Legal Station IDs in an HD World - Follow-Up


Less is More

“Less is More” - Again

"Less is More" Comment”

Less is More - Final

Letterman - Flower Lady

Liar (Three Dog Night)

Liberal Talk Radio

Liberal Talk Radio - Revisited

Liberal Talk Radio - Revisited Again

Lightest Element


Likert Scale - Dr. Rensis Likert Pronunciation

Link to Another Website

Listener Advisory Board


Listener Changes

Listener Comments

Listener Panel

Listener Panels

Listener Recall

Listener Representation

Listeners - Radio’s Relationship with Them

Listeners Say

Listening - Daypart Listening


LLC and Record Label

Local Music

Logos - Colors that Work

Long Stop Sets

Long Music Sweeps

Longest Single Word Song

Los Angeles

Losing License - FCC Enforcement

Lost Item Conundrum

Lost Your Cool?


Lottery Numbers

Lottery Numbers Again

Lottery and Statistics

Louie Louie Lyrics

Loyalty to a Radio Station

Loyalty Again



Mailbox Shooting

Making Money

Male-Dominated Morning Show

Margin of Error

Marker Variable

Marketing Plans

Mascots - How Important?

Mass Media Definition

Mass Media Research: An Introduction, 9th Edition (Roger D. Wimmer & Joseph R. Dominick)

Math Question

Math Question 2

Math Trick

Math Video

Math: What is a Prime Number?

Mayan Calendar

Mediabase 24/7

Mediabase 24/7 Follow-Up


Medical 1-10 Pain Scale

Mended Hearts

Mental Stuff


Metric System, Zero Degrees, and Can Cats Count?

Metropolitan Areas

Mexican Jumping Beans

Microwave Question

Mileage Markers

Miller's Magic Number 7

Miller Moth

(Roger Miller) Song Question

Million Dollar Homepage

Million Dollar Homepage Question


Miniature Golf

Missing Child - Penny Brown

Mr. Leonard (WHTZ)

Mr. Leonard Again

Mr. Leonard Identity

MobilTrak - Automatic Rating System


Monikers - Localizing

Monikers - Who Owns Them?

Monitoring Radio Stations

Monitoring Radio Stations - Follow-up

Moon - The Dark Side

Moot or Mute - Correct Verbiage?

Morning Show Hosts

Morning Show “Best of…”

Morning Show Hints

Morning Show Music

Morning Show Ratings

(Mosquito) High-Pitched Ring Tone

Most Difficult Concept

Most Important

Most Played Songs

Motorcycle Clutch

Motorcycle Helmet Cleaning


Motorcycle Question

Motorcycle - Shifting without Clutch

Motorcycle Tie-Downs

Mountains in Colorado

Movie Box Office – Follow-up Question

Movie Clips, Etc.

Movie Sound Bites

Movie Sound Bites - Response

Movie Trivia


MP3 or CD?

MScores (Arbitron)

MScores (Arbitron) - Comment

Multivariate Statistics

Murky Answers

Murky Answers Comment

Murky Answers Comment #2


Music - After the Fact

Music Beds

Music Charts

Music Compatibility

Music Correlation (Familiarity)

Music Director

Music Diversity

Music Familiarity

Music Familiarity - Part 2

Music Formats

Music Formats - 2

Music in Commercials - Permission


Music Library: Am I Missing Something?

Music Licensing - Syndication & Law

Music Master

Music Montages and Artists' Names

Music Montages vs. Artists' Names - Another Question

Music On-hold

Music On-hold Comment

Music Playlist Length

Music Preference & Decades

Music Publishers

Music Quality


Music Questions and Commercials

Music Questions and Commercials - Comment

Music Questions and More

Music Research and Other Questions

Music Research on the Cheap

Music Rotation

Music Rotation - The Art & Science of Spins

Music Rotation/Turnover Formula

Music Rotations

Music Royalties

Music Speeds


Music - Special Programming

Music - Talking up songs

Music Taste Shifts

Music Tempo & Gender Separation?

Music Tests - National Charts Relevance to Net Radio

Music: To Quantify or Not

Music "Too Black?"

Music: Ways to Play Songs

Music Tests: Using Old Data




Music - Callout

Callout Comparisons


Error (National)

Current to Recurrent

Dance Music

General Questions


How to Select Songs

Interpreting Data 1

Interpreting Data 2

Interpreting Data 3

Rating Scale

Rating Scale (10-Point)


Rating Scale - Type


Sample Accuracy

Sample Size

Sample - Willingness to Participate

Screener & Artists and Titles

When to Ask the Listeners

Zaploleon and Callout


Music - Auditorium Test Questions

Auditorium or Callout?

Auditorium Sample

Auditorium Tests and Small Samples

Best Start Date

Best Time for Music Test

Blowup Potential

Blow-up Potential - 2

CHR Music Tests

Comparing Scores Across Markets

Consultant Tips

Control Songs

Cycles in Music

Data and t-tests



Dial vs. Paper

Dropping Songs - What is the cutoff  level?



Familiarity Follow-Up

Familiarity Follow-Up 2

Field Service Tests



Hook Companies

Hook Length


Hook Quality

Hooks for Recruiting

Hook Testing

Hooks - Why Tested?


Internet Music Tests


Interpretation - 2


Justification - 2


Miscellaneous Questions (Respondents, titles, length of test, etc.)

New Song Mix

New Music

No Budget

No Budget 2

“Now Playing” Billboards

Passion Scores


Respondent Recruiting (Sampling, Selecting Respondents)


Same Song - Different Versions

Sample Size

Sample Recruiting

Sample Recruiting 2

Sampling on Air

Sampling and More

Sampling and More - Response

Sampling Question

Screener Design

Small Samples in Music Testing

Small Samples in Music Testing - 2


Song Order

Song Order and Testing Time

Song Order Again

Song Score Differences in Music Testing

Song Scores

Song Scores Revisited

Song Scores - Bouncing

Song Scores - Cutoff

Song Scores - Cutoff - 2

Song Scores - Differences

Song Scores - Differences - 2


Song Scores - Predicting


Standard Deviations and Music Tests

Standard Deviations and Music Tests - Follow-up

Style Ratings

Testing Intros


Unhealthy Music Test Scores

When to Test Songs

Z-Scores in Music Research


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