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Name of a Radio Station - What’s in a Name?

Name the Vegetable

Names in Column

Names (Radio Names & Stage Names)

NCAA Tournament

Negative Political Ads

Negative Political Ads - Response

Negative Political Ads – Follow-up

Negotiating Salary

New Jocks - Advice

New PD


New PD - Research

New Radio Station

New York Disaster

New York Times Ad Costs


News on Music Formats

News/Talk Definition

News/Talk Demographic

News/Talk and More

News Voice

Newspaper Endorsements

Newspaper Photographs

Niche Formats

Nielsen Radio Ratings

Nielsen Radio Ratings - Comment

Nielsen Radio Ratings - One More


Nigerian Email

Night Show Ideas

Nostalgia Radio Station Jingles


Not Legal for Trade (Trade for a Scale?)

Notepad - Great Idea


NTR Departments

Null Hypothesis

Number Game – Math Trick

Number of Perceptual Studies

Number of Promos

Number of Questions

Number of Radio Stations

Number of Radio Stations Owned - Research

Number of Songs

Number of Websites

Number 1 Radio Station

Number Who Listen



Obama Financial Plan Suggestion


Obscenity Complaint

Ockham’s Razor  (also spelled Occam)

Ockham’s Razor - Presentation

Ocean's Eleven

Odd Snowfall or Aliens?

Odds in Recruiting

Old Arbitron Books

"Old School"

Oldies Music

Oldies Music Grammar

Oldies Music Listeners

Oldies Music Questions

Oldies Music Tests


Oldies Playlist

Oldies Playlist - Universe of Songs

Oldies Promotions

Oldies Radio - New Formats and Demographic Groups

Oldies Song Lyrics

Oldies Songs Questions

Once Upon a Time (song)

Online Research


Online Research Comment

Online Research - Website

Online Sample Size

Online vs. Telephone line

Open Door/Closed Door

Open-Ended Questions

Open Notorious...Legal Question

Optimum Effective Scheduling

Optimum Effective Scheduling (Spin Formula)

Owner Problem with Programming Suggestions

Ownership Rules




P1s and Other Businesses

P1 Research

P2 Recruiting, Credit Cards, and Batteries

Paid for Research


Parents' Music


Part-time Teenagers


Passwords - How Good are My Passwords?

Patent Leather

Patent for Radio


PD Training

PDs Again

PD Characteristics

P/E Ratio

Penguin (as in "Whack the...")


Peppermint Rainbow - A Look Back


Percentages Again

Perceptual/Panel Research - Difference in Methodology


Perceptual Study Conference Call Preparation

Perceptual Study (Conducting)

Perceptual Study Focus

Perceptual Study (Music Montage): Second Opinion

Personalities - Problems with Them

Personality Ratings

Persuasion - 5 Stages

Persuasion and Research


Phantom Cume

Pictures/Photos - Searching on the Internet

Pierre, South Dakota

Pinch (as in Ocean's Eleven)

Pirate Radio

Pitching Up Music

Pitching Up Music - 2

Plagiarism Problems

Plastic Water Bottles (Reusing)

Playing New Music

Play It, Say It - A Research Perspective

Playlist Controversy

Playlist Length

Playlist—Too Many Songs?


Point or Dot?

Poisonous Snake

Poker Odds

Poland Springs Water in NYC

Polar Bear

Polarized Glasses

Political Yard Signs

Polls - Presidential Tracking

Polls - Presidential Tracking - 2

Population Clock

Population of the World


Positioning – Part 2

Power Line Thingies (Balls)

Predictive Dialer

Prescription Letters

Presidential Candidates - Issues

Presidential Election

The Price Is Right


Program Director - "A Great Program Director"


"A Great Program Director" - Follow-Up

Programming and GMs

Programming and K.I.S.S.

Programming Philosophy

Programming Philosophy - 2

Progressive Insurance TV Commercial Spokeswoman

Promos - Listener Retention

Promo Placement in Stop Sets?

Promo Recycling


Promotion — Continuous or Not?

Promotion vs. Ratings


Pronunciation - Comment

Public File (FCC)

Purchasing Behavior (Republican/Democrat/Conservative/Liberal)



Qantas Airlines

QR Codes

Qualitative Research

Quarter Hours


Questionnaire Design
Questionnaire Design - Most Common Mistake

Questions about Anything and Everything

Questions - Miscellaneous

Questions - Miscellaneous - Comment 1

Questions - Miscellaneous - Comment 2




Radio Advertising

Radio Commercials

Radio Data System - “TP” Radio Light

Radiotelephone Frequencies

Radio Formats

Radio Glossary

Radio History


Radio Salary Scales

Radio Station Classes

Radio Station Frequency ID

Radio Station Websites

Ramp Etiquette

Random Sample

Rap, Hip-Hop, and Urban Differences


Rating Scales

Ratings - St. Louis

Ratings (vs. Share)

Ratings - Projecting for a New Format

Ratings Service Reliability

Ratings Terms

Razor - Cleaning in Alcohol


Reading Materials

Reading Tables

Reach and Frequency without Arbitron

Record Label Addresses

Recruiting Questions


Recurrents - Freshen Up

Recycling - Horizontal and Vertical


Regional Research

Reliance on Research?

Remote Equipment

Remote Equipment Comment


Remotes and Playlists Revisited

Remotes and Playlists Re-Revisited

Repetition (Music)

Repetition (Music) - 2

Repetition Revisited


Requests by Daypart


Request Lines

Request Lines - Comment

Request Lines - Comment #2

Research as Tool

Research - Borrowed

Research - Borrowed - Comment

Research - Boss Doesn't Believe In It

Research Budget

Research Budget - 2

Research - Can't Afford It

Research Comparisons

Research Conclusions

Research Conflicting Results


Research Confusion

Research Costs

Research Definition

Research Director

Research Lag Time

Research Plan - How Long Should We Wait?

Research Questions (Formulating)

Research Screening

Research Sources - Entertainment Trends

Research Timing

Research Timing - 2

Research - "Too Researched?"


Research vs. Gut

Respondent Types-Callout

Resting Songs vs. Big Rotation

Resume Question

Revolving Door Etiquette


Rick Rolling

Riddles - Two Tough Questions


Righteous Brothers (My Babe) - A Question Finally Answered!

Righteous Brothers (My Babe) - A Question Finally Answered! - Follow-Up


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rock vs. Hip-Hop

Rocket Science

“Roger” Response in Radio

Rolex and Murder



Rotation vs. Cume
Royalty Fees for Older Music


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