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Salaries - 2

Sales or Listeners

Sales - New to Radio

Same Things We Do Every Day

Sample Size

Sample Size - Does Sample Size Really Matter?

Sample Size for Perceptual Studies


Sample Size for Perceptual Studies - Another Question

Sample Size and Z-scores

Sample Skew - Prize Pigs

Sample - Valid?

Sampling Error

Sampling Error - 2

Sampling Error Calculator

Sampling Error Revisited

Sampling Error Table


Sampling Problems


Satellite - Anti-satellite Radio Ads

Satellite Radio

Scarecrow Equation

Scree Test

Screen Door Question


Search Engines

Search Engines Article

Secondary Listeners (Attracting Them)


Selector Analysis

Senior Citizen Speeding - Can You Find It?


Several Questions


Shark Attack

Shopping Center Intercept

Short Form Talk vs. Long Form Talk

Short Form Talk vs. Long Form Talk - Comment

Show Prep Ideas

Show Prep Material


(Siegel-Schwall Band) Another Question about Song Lyrics



Simulcasting Problem

Single Rights

Sitcom from the 1970s

Skin Cancer

Skin Vitamins


Slogan - 2

Slogan - 3 


Slogans - How Effective?

Slogan Idea

Slogan/Name Wars


Sly & The Family Stone (I Want to Take You Higher) "Boom Shaka Laka?"

Small Market Research

Small Sample

Small Market Programming

Small Town Radio

Small Town Radio - 2

Small Town Yardstick


Smartphone Tips & Tricks (Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket)

Smartphone Touchscreen Doesnít Work

Smoking & Self Awareness
Social Media & Radio

Social Security Form

Soft Water

Solitaire (Card Game) Question

Song Burn

Song Categories

Songs - Changes in Ratings

Song Cover Bands

Song Debut (Country Music)

Song Era Conversion

Song Rating: What does it mean?

Song Repetition Complaints


Song Requests

Song Requests - 2

Song Score Differences

Song Score Differences - 2

Song Rotation

Song Set Themes

Song Set Themes - 2

Song Title Copyright

Sound Codes

Spacecraft Speed

Spacecraft Speed - Again

Speed - How Fast are We Moving?

Speed of Light

Speed of Light Again

Speeding Ticket (Excuses)



Spin Disc

Sports Announcing

Sports Programming

Spot load

Spot Loads - More Questions

Spot loads

Spot Positions

Spots: TV


Standard Deviation

Standard Deviation - 2

Standard Deviation - 3

Standard Deviation - 4

Standard Deviation - 5

Standard Deviation Calculation for Grouped Data


Standard Deviation and Music Tests

Stanley Cup

Starter Jack Shaft - Motorcycle Problem

Station Name

Statistics Question

Statistics - Why Learn?

Stern Paradox


Lindsey Stirling Review

Stop Sets

Stop Sets - 2

Stop Sets - 3

Stop Sets - 4


Streaming Fees

Street Surveys

Student Radio Help

Studentís t


Stunts - 2

Stupid People - Dumb/Smart Americans

Stupid People - IQs in the United States

Stupid People - IQs in the United States - Comment


Sub-audible Tones

Subliminal Advertising


Success - Listener Panels


Summer Songs

Summer Songs Revisited

Sunday Radio


Super Audio

Super Bowl - Using the Name

Super Power Radio Stations

Susanne Langer

Sweepers and Liners

Sweeping Quarter Hours and More

Syndicated Morning Shows

Syndicated Shows




Taco Bell Commercial (Woman)

(I Don't) Take Myself Too Seriously

Talent Critique


Talk about Songs

Talk in the Morning

Talk Over Music

Talk Over Music Again

Talk Radio Research

Talk Show Advertising

Talk Show Content


Talk Show Host

Talking TV on Radio

Talking Up Intros

Talking Up Intros - Part 2

Tallest Mountain

Tallest Radio Tower

Tanning Salons (Tanning Beds)

Tapi by Dreamfarm

Target Audience

Target Audience - 2

Target Demo - Important Things

Tarot cards



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