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Telephone Calls

Telephone Calls and Listener Ratio?

Telephone Numbers - How Many Possible?

Telephone Surveys


Temperatures in Space

Terms Used in Radio

Terminal Velocity

Testing Jocks

Textbook Purchase

Texture, Feel, Vibe – The Intangibles

Text Messaging

Thermometer for Turkey

Thousand (1000) Island Dressing


Three Questions - Backselling, Christian death/black metal, and cumulative music perception

Three Wishes

Time Checks - 1

Time Checks - 2

Time Checks - 3

Time Sharing Frequencies

Time Shared Radio Stations

Time Spent Listening (TSL)

Time Traveler in Charlie Chaplin 1928 Film, "The Circus"

Tire Pressure

Tire Safety

Titles and Artists

Tomatoes - Cut a Tomato in Half with No Seeds Showing

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Top Box Weighting


Top-of-the-Hour Tone - AM Radio

Top Songs



Trademark My Name?

Traffic Accidents

Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights Again

Transitions Lenses

Trivia Contests

Trivia Contests - Comment

Trivia Contest - One More Time

Trivia Sites

Truth Serum


  TSL and a Small Playlist

  TSL and a Small Playlist Comment

TSL Decline

TSL Decline - Reply

TSL - Searching for It


t-test and Excel

t-test Question

Tsunami and God

TV Ad Testing

TV Commercials

TV Commercials - Bad

TV Weather and More

Two Jobs

Twenty Dollar Bill (New) and The Treasury Department

Two Tribes

Two-way Radio

Types of People




Unanswered Questions

Understanding Research

"Uptown Funk" - Smoother than a Fresh Dry Skippy

"Uptown Funk" - Why So Popular?

Urban AC Full-Service

Urban Information

Urban Legends/Myths

Urban and CHR Rhythmic Differences

Urban Radio and Dance Music

USA Flyby - Cool Photo




Valid and Reliable -1

Validity - 2

Validity - 3

Validity - 4


Validity - 5

Validity Discussion
Vanity License Plate

Vasectomy Design

Vehicle Purchase

Viewer Discretion Advised

Voice - Caffeine and Smoking

Voice Tracking

Voice Tracking Defined

Voices in Demo Tapes

(Harry) Volkman and Old-Time Video Effects

Vulpes Fulva



Watch Purchase

Water Experiment

Weather (WunderMap)

Weather Reports

Weather Reports - Source

Web Bugs

Web Links Challenge

Web Polls

Website or Web site - Which is Correct?

Websites for Radio Stations

Website Research

Website Security

Website Traffic (Increasing)

Wedding Ring

Weekend Listening

Weight Loss

Weight Loss - Again



Weight Loss - Safe

Weight Loss - Waist Size

Weight of Quarters


Weighting Follow-Up

Weighting Follow-Up 2

Weighting (Latino)

Weighting Example

What are those things? (Winglets)

What Happened to . . .

What is This?

What Sells a Jock?

What’s Wrong with Radio?

Wheels in Motion

White House


Who or That?

Who’s on First?

Widow’s Walk

Wild Tracks

Wimmer & Dominick

Wind Direction


Wine before its Time


Word Crutches in Radio

Word Definitions

Word Origin (It's All in a Name)

Worm, Virus, and Trojan

Worst Liner

Worst Radio Market

Worst TV Commercial

Worst TV Spots - Follow-up


XM Radio


Xupiter Follow-Up

"You've Got Mail"

You’re the Man


Z-Scores - 1

Z-Scores - 2

Z-Scores - 3

Z-Scores - 4

Z-Scores - 5

Z-Scores - 6

Z-Scores - 7

Z-Scores - 8

Z-Scores - 9

z-Scores: Cut-Off Level?

Z-Scores and Ratings

Z-Score Question

Z-Scores Use

Z-Scores Use Comment



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