Advertising Research

The purpose of advertising is NOT to sell a product or increase store traffic.  The purpose of advertising is to communicate a message, specifically using The  5 Stages of Persuasion.  If advertising is designed to increase sales and/or "store" traffic, it is designed incorrectly.  In addition, if advertising research is designed to analyze the ability to increase sales and/or store traffic, research is conducted incorrectly.

Advertising research must test the message's ability to communicate.  Anything else is virtually meaningless.

Roger designed scientifically-based advertising research in the early 1980s.  The methods are unique and test the real purpose of advertising in a 3-step process.  Don't simply test if your advertising looks good.  Make sure it communicates the message you want to communicate.

Don't waste your advertising money.  Roger has conducted thousands of studies for all types of print and electronic advertising.  Call him to ensure that your print or electronic advertising messages are designed to communicate messages effectively.

Contact:  Roger Wimmer