Focus Groups

While focus groups have been a popular research method for many decades, and a very valuable research tool, they are double-edged swords.  The method looks deceptively simple: Invite 4-12 people to a research location, hold a controlled discussion for 2 hours, and write a report. However, despite their simplicity, focus groups have gremlins hiding around dozens of corners.  Researchers who are unaware of the potential problems in conducting a focus group may face disaster and embarrassment.  Even the simplest focus group topic can become impossible to handle under certain circumstances.  (Wimmer & Dominick)

Focus groups can be used as a qualitative or quantitative methodology.  The approach depends on the type of questioning involved and the sample size used for the project.  

Focus groups can be used for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, such things as:

Roger has moderated nearly 3,000 focus groups in his career with respondents of all ages and for a variety of media an non-media topics.  His focus group approach has been described by several media industry professionals as "the best in the research industry."

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