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As with all research conducted by Roger Wimmer, each survey, or perceptual study, is a custom project designed problems/questions under consideration.  

Although the term perceptual study has become a term used to describe a telephone-based data collection procedure, a perceptual study is essentially a quantitative research project that gathers data using a prescribed set of questions presented in the same way to all respondents.  This is different from a qualitative approach, where questioning is flexible and often varies depending on respondents' answers.

If you don't see the type of perceptual study below that fits your specific needs, please contact Wimmer Research.  Roger has conducted hundreds of perceptual studies in television and can design the project you need to answer your questions.

Some of the TV survey studies conducted by Wimmer Research include, but are not limited to:

Overall Station Analysis:  An investigation to determine viewers' perceptions of a station and an analysis of the station's strengths and weaknesses.

News Content: A monthly tracking study to determine the viewers' perceptions of the content of a news program to determine if more, less, or the same amount of time should be spent on each element (news, weather, sports, etc.).

Program Lineup:  Determine the best program flow for local programming.

Program Analysis: Analysis of programs already on the air to investigate viewer likes, dislikes, and suggestions for improvement.

Program Ideas: Program concepts, pilots, and other program production stages are tested in auditorium situations.


For over 20 years, Roger Wimmer has followed a simple 3-Step philosophy for success:

1.  Find out what people want

2.  Give it to them

3.  Tell them that you gave it to them

All Wimmer Research is designed to accomplish the first step.  The report, analysis, and implementation of results accomplish the second step.  The third step is accomplished via advertising and promotion.

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